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My name is Linda Ioannides and I am a Master Transformational Life Coach and Image Consultant. Since I was a little girl I have always been fascinated with the workings of the human mind, self image and nutrition.

What drives us? What causes us to be less than what we are meant to be?

When do self image issues, self doubt, acceptance and lack of love of self set in to prevent us from becoming our true self?

Why do most people struggle with maintaining a healthy relationship? How can one be in a relationship and still maintain one’s individuality whilst growing together as a couple but still constantly growing to become more of who you truly are?

Why do people get sick, are unhappy, depressed, give up on others, life and themselves?

Why do they loose hope, lack discipline, motivation and ambition?

Why do some people thrive and make living look easy, whilst others are constantly fighting one battle or another to merely survive?

What is the underlying determinant that make successful people succeed even more and those struggling struggle even more? Is it DNA? Upbringing? Circumstance?

All these questions and more importantly finding the answers to these questions have sent me on a quest of self discovery, development and complete self transformation. Along the road I became aware that life is so much more than work, a relationship and having children. No matter what the past has dealt us, what the present is dealing us…. it is up to each and everyone of us to determine our future.

I discovered that the internal image one holds of oneself due to life experiences, conditioning and constant programming, guilt, anger, shame and the constant beating of one self up is the main reason why people live unfulfilled, unhappy and in apathy. Depression has become a norm, anxiety and panic disorders accepted as part of life. Take a pill… the answer to all our problems…

To live fully is to love indefinitely and unconditionally! To live to your true potential and to discover your true self means to live in acceptance of who you are and in embracing the learnings from your past whatever they may be and choosing to move past them and learning to let them go. It is living in the cause side of life and not the effect side of it. It is to understand that the body is but a vehicle, a puppet that we conduct as the puppeteers and that the inner true self is what truly matters for its ability to perform, transform and grow is limitless in its potential to achieve, create and overcome.

Once you have achieved this realisation, then and only then, will you truly know what it is to live… What it is to Love unconditionally…. and what it is to have joy in its fullness…

Allow me to take you on a journey of self transformation. Discover your true self and live your best life yet through the tried and tested Transformational Life Coaching program.

“Be truly conscious of the unalterable fact that the present moment is all you ever have!” ~ Linda Ioannides