Grief – a natural reaction or response to loss. The emotional suffering and brokenness, the shattering of the heart and the spirit that comes from having a thing or a loved one taken or ripped away.

Different people experience loss differently and anything you may be feeling or experiencing during the early stages of grief is normal and this includes – feeling like you have lost your mind or are going crazy, questioning your beliefs including your religious beliefs and how you see the world, denial and feeling like you are having a bad dream from which you expect to wake up, but never do.

Although grief is often thought of as a strictly emotional process, many people also experience several physical problems related to the grieving process too.

The most intense type of grief is most often associated with the loss of a loved one, but there are many losses that cause people to grieve.

Losing or selling a family home
The death of a pet
The loss of health
Losing a Job
A break up in a relationship
A break up in a business partnership
A miscarriage
Loss of a friendship
Loss of stability be it financial of emotional
Loss of safety after experiencing a trauma
A loved one diagnosed with a serious illness
The loss of a dream

How you grieve is dependant on many factors. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. It is a highly personal and individual experience.
The intensity of the grief experienced is largely based on the significance of the loss suffered, but remember that even seemingly subtle losses can lead to grief.
After suffering a loss, grief can be manifested in many ways some being, disbelief, sadness, guilt, anger, resentment, fear, physical symptoms such as aches and pain, fatigue, insomnia, nausea, weight loss or gain or even a lowered immunity.
It is absolutely necessary for you to seek healing after experiencing any form of loss, to seek peace from the ongoing thoughts and feelings that consume you, the brokenness, the emptiness and listlessness that take over.
You are not alone and you do not have to suffer through your grief alone. Help is but a call away.

Does your grief feel like too much to bear?

Whatever your grief experience, allow me to help you to work through the intense emotions you are feeling and to help you heal and find peace once more.

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Do you feel like you are living in a black hole with no bottom?
Do you have feelings of hopelessness and despair?
Have these feelings taken such a hold of you that no matter what you do they just won’t go away?
Do you have a bleak outlook and feel like nothing will ever change?
Do you feel helpless and unable to improve your situation?
Are you finding it difficult to be happy and enjoy life like you once did?
Is getting through the day proving to be too difficult and overwhelming?
Do you have feelings of impending doom?
Do you feel empty, lifeless and apathetic?
Do you feel restless, agitated, irritable and angry, showing violent tendencies, low tolerance or short tempered?
Do you feel like life has been unfair and dealt you too much too quickly, too soon and you can’t handle it all?
Have you lost interest in your daily activities and have you lost you ability to feel joy and pleasure?
Do you suffer from insomnia or oversleeping and always wake up feeling tired and dreading the new day?
Do you have unexplained aches and pains such as stomach pain, headaches, aching joints, back and neck pain and aching muscles?
Are you feeling fatigued and physically drained, bloated and sluggish with no energy?
Are you engaging in reckless behaviour and activities such as substance abuse, reckless driving and compulsive drinking?
Do you have problem concentrating, focusing, remembering or making decisions?
Do you harshly criticise yourself or others for perceived faults and mistakes?
Do you have strong feelings of self-loathing, quilt and worthlessness?
Have you experienced loss of appetite or has there been a recent significant change in your weight where you either drastically lost or gained weight?

The above are symptoms of depression and if you are experiencing some or all of these symptoms then there is a possibility that you may be suffering from depression.
The reality of the situation is that you can make the choice right now to take the necessary steps to start feeling better.
Sometimes all it takes is for someone to remind you that you have choices and to help you see things as they really are and not as they appear to be.

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We all experience anxiety at some point in our lives, be it just before taking a test, speaking to an audience or going for a job interview. Anxiety is a normal emotion.
However, there are many people today suffering from some form of anxiety disorder which is a completely different matter all together.

Although there are different types of anxiety disorders, these are some of the general symptoms you will be experiencing should you find yourself suffering from a form of anxiety:

Trouble sleeping
Panic, fear, and uneasiness
Incapable of relaxing, experiencing calm and stillness
Shortness of breath
Cold and sweaty hands and feet
Mouth dryness
Racing heart or palpations
Dizziness or nausea
Tingling in the hands and feet
Muscle tension leading to stiff neck and back
Excessive and unrealistic worry
Constant mind chatter

Although there are many other reasons for experiencing the above symptoms, anxiety may very well be one.
Being in a state of constant anxiety is not a healthy way to live, the physical and mental repercussions of this state of being have far reaching negatives effects on our health.
Learn to find calm, peace and happiness in the midst of your busy world.
Learn to let go of anxiety.

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There is a solution. Anger Management.

Anger is a natural emotion and when directed correctly, has value. It forms part of the fight or flight response when harm or threat is perceived.
It can cause you to act, protect yourself and in some cases it can even save your life.

However, anger, when triggered too quickly and easily, without threat of real physical danger, it stops protecting and instead becomes destructive to you and those around you.
When anger turns into rage, it can impair judgement and thinking, causing people to do and say unreasonable and irrational things.
Anger has a physiological effect on the body too. It is not just a state of mind. Regular anger will eventually make you ill.
When you get angry, your heart rate, blood pressure, adrenal levels and breathing rate increase.
Recurrent, unmanaged anger results in a constant flood of stress chemicals which can lead to metabolic changes that will eventually, negatively affect your health.

Learning to cope with anger is an acquired skill.
I can help you identify what emotions are triggering your anger and how to respond, while remaining calm and in control for a positive outcome.
Take a step toward change.

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Guilt is an emotion. An internal state experienced when you are convinced that you have caused harm.
There are different types of guilt;
guilt for something you did
guilt for something you think you did
guilt for something you didn’t do but want to do
guilt that you could have done more and didn’t to help someone else
guilt that you are doing better than someone else

Thoughts lead to emotions. Change your thoughts and you change your emotions.
Stop the mind chatter of what if…, I should have…, why didn’t I…, how could I have been…if only I had…, It’s all my fault…
You cannot go back one second into the past to change what has happened, but you can choose right now, how you will live your very next second.
Stop feeling guilty.
Let go of negative emotions.

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Guilt and shame often go hand in hand. Unnecessary shame causes so much pain and heartbreak in our lives.
Shame is a feeling accompanied by thoughts that you are somehow wrong, lacking, defective, not good enough, incapable, inadequate or strong enough.
Shame makes you feel flawed and inferior as a whole person.

Gershen Kaufaman defines shame perfectly when he says:
“Shame is the most disturbing experience individuals ever have about themselves; no other emotion feels more deeply disturbing because in the moment of shame the self feels wounded from within.”

The most intense form of shame is humiliation. Humiliation so painful that you wish you could just die.
Although we all have experienced or experience shame in one of it’s many forms, we can heal ourselves of feeling shame.

“What you feel, you CAN heal.”
Recognising your shame is the first step to mastering your shame reactions.
Mastering your shame gives you new vigour, passion and zeal for life.

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Weight Loss, Nutrition & Image

Should a complete stranger approach you right now and ask you how would you describe yourself, what would your answer be?
What thoughts are continuously running through your mind about yourself?
Are you overweight and struggling to commit to loosing weight?
What do you see in the reflection in the mirror?
Do you try and hide your body from the world?
Do you shy away from social events and interactions?
Do you always wake up feeling tired and sluggish?
Do you avoid any form of exercise?
Do you make excuses for not following a healthy lifestyle?
Do you go on binging sprees?

Your outward projection is a direct reflection of what is going on, on the inside.
We can help you set goals that will ensure that you improve your health.
Let me help you rediscover the unique and awesome beautiful creation, that is you, let that be reflected on the outside for all to see.

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Goal Achievement

Do you have dreams, things that you would like to achieve but never seem to achieve?
What is holding you back?
Stop procrastinating!

Today is the day for change! Take that first step and commit to changing your life, achieving your goals and living your dreams.
At MIND Craft we help you discover what you most desire to achieve and assist you in laying down the foundation in setting your goals so you can maximise your potential and finally live the life that you choose to live.

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At Mind Craft, we show you how to identify and overcome limitations and distortions in your own mind so that you can create the life that you’ve always wanted.