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This program is designed to do what it says… TRANSFORM Your Life! Remove inner conflict, negative emotions, limiting beliefs and all unwanted behaviour patterns that are preventing you from living the life you Deserve.
Yes!!! You heard me!!! You deserve to live a life that is happy, joyful and fulfilling! A life that you have chosen for yourself!

The Full Life Transformation Journey targets all limiting areas in your life in just 16 hours! The unquestionable transformation that will take place within you during this time will root the foundation for you to start living your life purposefully, free from the conditioning of others.

Through this program old limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and self talk will dissipate and new empowering beliefs and thoughts will transpire and manifest in your life.

You will learn to live consciously and purposefully.

The Choice is Yours!

Be truly conscious of the unalterable fact that the present moment is all you ever have!

“Where there is anger, there is always pain underneath.” ~ Eckhart Tolle
Ask Yourself:

Do I choose to live the life that I myself have chosen to live, the life that I am destined and created for?
Do I choose to continue to live a life conditioned to please others in the way I live it, a life devoid of purpose?

What negative conversations do you have with yourself that keep you rooted in living the life that you are currently living?

What drives you? Is it anger, a need to live up to others’ expectations?

The Full Transformation Life Journey is for everyone who chooses to make the decision to live life consciously and with purpose and meaning.

What you can expect from the journey:
  • Eliciting your values

  • What drives you

  • Eliciting your Current Focus Filter

  • New Focus Filter (whatever you focus on, expands)

  • Your life’s Vision

  • Goal Setting

  • Goal Achieving System

  • Your Subconscious mind – understanding it and how it can benefit you

  • Inner Conflict Therapy

  • Anxiety Eliminator

  • Negative Emotional Therapy

  • Deleting Limiting Beliefs

  • Installing New Empowering Beliefs

  • Transforming Self Image

  • Confidence Booster

  • Self Love Booster (you cannot truly love anyone else or anything else if you don’t first love yourself unconditionally)

  • Learn to Take action and stop procrastination

Your new transformed self will experience:
  • Self Love

  • Self acceptance

  • Self knowledge (How we have been so wonderfully created and how our minds operate)

  • Self confidence

  • Conscious Living

  • Fulfilment

  • Knowing your wants and how to get them

  • Living in the Moment and Finding joy in it

  • Calmness and Contentment

  • Clarity of Mind

  • Clarity over the course you choose your life to take

  • Control over your life

  • Control over your thought patterns and emotions

  • Understanding and being in tune with those in your midst

  • Empowering Habits

  • Empowering Behaviours

Choose to act now!!! You alone have the right to choose!!! Invest 16 hours of your life to create the life you have been desiring.