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Each new day brings with it endless possibilities. Are you ready to embrace them? To embrace life for the incredible gift that it is?

No matter who you are or where you come from, what religious background or what denomination – one truth remains –  we are eternal, spiritual beings, created in the Image and likeness of our Creator out of His great love for us. Our main purpose for being created? To have an intimate relationship with Him.

We are called to love and our true self, formed in the likeness of Him who created us is designed for eternity. Only when we understand the purpose for which this Awesome and Almighty God has created us can we then live with eternity in mind. Only when we understand this purpose and allow it to consume us, then, and only then, can we learn to let go and surrender to Him, who IS.

When we let go and surrender, He is free to take control. When He takes control – Love, Inner Peace, Calm,  Joy and Freedom take over. We start seeing the world differently and our lives take on a different meaning.

We realise that no matter what life brings our way – we ARE Unsinkable! The more we experience His love the more we are able to love, the more meaningful our relationship with Him, the more we become like Him –  eventually taking on His very essence, until He consumes us and radiates through us.

“The Secret of Happiness is Freedom, the Secret of Freedom is Courage.” ~ Thucydides


That is when true change and transformation takes place.

When you are at peace with the world but most importantly yourself.

When you have learned to love yourself and all that is unconditionally, then you know inner freedom.

Everything has been created perfectly! Everything is as it should be. Accept it for what it is, take the good, forgive the rest, let it go and surrender all.

“Anything is possible if you believe.”


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