One of the biggest challenges that I face in my coaching practice is helping my clients get in touch with their emotions and learn to feel again.

In a world, where boys are told to “suck it up” and that “big boys don’t cry” and women are told that they are too emotional and that there is no room for emotion or tears in the busyness of life, the result is a society that has taught itself not to feel. It is so much easier to survive and cope if there are no emotions involved.

However, our aim should never be to just survive but to thrive in every area of our life.

You see, emotions are indicators and our guide to what is taking place in our mind and body.

So many people are walking around with extremely high cortisol levels due to their unprocessed negative emotions. We have become masters at repressing and suppressing our emotions to the great detriment of our health, happiness and well being.

Chronic fear, anger, sadness, guilt, resentment and other negative emotions keep stress hormones in our system for too long, breaking down our immunity and creating fertile ground for disease.

We need to constantly become consciously aware of our emotional state throughout the day and analyse the thoughts that we are holding in our mind that are supporting the said emotional state. Negative thoughts lead to negative emotions and vice versa.

Studies have estimated that 80% of all illnesses begin in the mind.

Meta-physical healer Edgar Cayce said, “The spirit is the life, the mind is the builder, the physical is the result.”

You may not be able to change your genes but you can change your inherited emotional patters by taking control of your thoughts and emotions. It all starts with you making a conscious choice towards change.

The worst thing by far that you can do for your health is to hold onto negative emotions. These drain and deplete your life force, your energy. They make you ill, weak and rob you of your vitality and joy.

With Inner Conflict Therapy, Negative Emotional Therapy and Negative Belief Therapy we help you drop the charges on negative emotions and beliefs, giving you back control over your emotions instead of the emotions controlling you.

Recognise the power of the mind to create illness or health.

Choose to invest in your wellbeing and discover how to take control of your thoughts, emotions and life.

Live in constant joy and happiness. Allow us to help you become the best version of yourself in every aspect of your life.

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9 August 2017 – If You can Feel it, You can Heal it

Understanding Your Emotions

Venue: Pretoria Country Club, Vodacom Room
Arrival: 8h30 Time: 9h00-13h00
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Cost: R450 per person
Limited seats available

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